Damaged Goods? We’re Here to Help.

If a book or item from your Bookish Buys crate arrives with an issue, we’ll do everything in we can to make it right.

Should you find any damage, promptly fill out this claim form within one week of delivery. Failure to do so within one week from the date of delivery will result in an automatic denial of your claim. In your claim, please include photographs showcasing both the compromised item and the shipping package’s exterior and interior. This allows us to better understand the issue and expedite the process.

Once assessed, our team will determine the best course of action. This may include sending a replacement or offering a partial refund. Please retain your item until we confirm the next steps – sometimes, we might ask you to safely dispose of the damaged product before sending out a replacement.

Criteria for a Book to be Considered Damaged:

  • Tears or cuts on the book’s front, spine, or dust jacket that exceed 1cm.
  • Any marks or residue on the book’s front or spine that are larger than 1cm and can’t be removed.
  • Dents or crushed edges that surpass 1cm.
  • Multiple ripped or bent pages that hinder the reading experience.
  • Obvious production defects, like missing finishes.

Not Quite Damaged:

  • Minor blemishes on the back of the book or its dust jacket.
  • Petite white spots or minor scratches on sprayed edges. Slight bleeding onto pages.
  • Slight discrepancies on sprayed edges.
  • Minor creases at the top or base of the spine, dust jacket, or corners that is deemed as minor shelfwear.


Typos & Misprints

  • In book word, the occasional typo or misprint may occur. The decision to reprint books and/or dustjackets is determined on a case by case basis but rest assured that we are always striving to ensure a positive reader experience for our customers. Any updates regarding reprint notifications will be sent via our Newsletter. To subscribe, go HERE

Thank you for choosing Bookish Buys. We’re committed to ensuring your reading journey is as flawless as the stories within the pages. If there’s ever an issue, know that we’re just a click away, ready to assist.