Faking It with the Forward by Angel Lawson


Faking It with the Forward – Angel Lawson unattached bookplate

Things get awkward.

What happens when he asks you to be his fake girlfriend?

Things get complicated.

In the high-pressure world of varsity hockey at Wittmore U, being the team intern means more than overseeing grueling workouts and injuries. It’s the colossal egos of the players that truly test my patience. Even if they did see me as something more than another locker room fixture created to tend to their bodies, my boss has made one thing clear:

I’m off limits.

All of that changes in a heartbeat when Reese Cain, the team’s womanizing captain, plants a surprise kiss on me in the campus coffee shop. Suddenly, I’m thrust into the spotlight, and not for my awkward charm. The captain, it seems, has ulterior motives—he needs to stay focused on the season, while convincing his ex that he’s not available. Apparently, I’m the perfect pawn in his game.

For someone who’s more comfortable in hoodies than house parties, fake dating Reese is enough to bolster both my confidence and social status. But the longer we keep up the charade, and our barriers start to crumble, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake.

Especially how good he makes it feel to belong to him.


Faking It with The Forward is a standalone, m/f, college, hockey, fake dating romance by best selling author, Angel Lawson.

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