Guarded by the Goalie by Angel Lawson


Guarded by the Goalie – Angel Lawson unattached bookplate

“To new identities,” he declares, holding up his glass. “To no more epic f-ups. No more partying for me. No more athletes for you. Not until we get it together.”

Little did I know that the night I made the deal with the tattooed, pierced, star goalie in the back room of a bar, that we were starting something–something we can’t stop. Except he’s on probation, and I’m looking to change my reputation as a jersey chaser willing to do whatever it took to win the quarterback’s attention.

We needed to change–but neither of us thought we could do it alone.

But with Axel Rakestraw’s charming smile, it’s a good thing hockey player’s aren’t my thing.

And even if they were, my roommate, who dates the captain of the team, told me that hockey players are off-limits. She’s probably right. People around me tend to get hurt.

I tend to get hurt.

Protecting things is what I do. The goal, my teammates, and now this girl.

I’ve spent the last four years living my best life, knowing that once I graduate, my future belongs to my father’s ministry. No more partying. No more women. No more hockey.

With my senior year and an undefeated season underway, I had no plans on slowing down, until the night I unwittingly consume a drink meant for Nadia at a party. The next day I fail a mandatory drug test at practice.

Someone is out to sabotage us both.

I can take care of myself, but Nadia? I’m not allowing someone to hurt her again, not on my watch.

Can one of Wittmore U’s most notorious playboy’s and a blacklisted jersey chaser change their ways long enough to fall in love?


Axel and Nadia’s story is part of the Wittmore U series of standalone, m/f, hockey romances with raw emotions and spicy heat. Like all of Angel’s books, content deals with angst and trauma as our star crossed lovers find their to one another and shed their pasts. Please read the note at the front of the book.

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