Owned by AK Rose


November 2023 Baddies Special Edition of Owned by AK Rose, Hand signed by the author

She’s one defiant, forbidden, pain in my as*.
One I can’t
One I can’t touch.
One I can’t train.
But Vivienne is mine. Body. Soul…
And most importantly, her bloodline.
None of them understand how important she is.
But I know.
My sons and I will protect that information – her – to the death to keep it for ourselves.
So, she’ll remain here, under my roof…obeying my rules.
Resisting me at every goddamn opportunity.
Playing her defiant little games with our control.
Until I find my resolve slipping.
I’m cold, calculating.
But I’m a man who finds himself becoming obsessed with her.
And I’m not the only one.
I see the hunger in my son’s eyes.
See the way they react around her.
She won’t be wearing red for us…
Because she won’t be wearing anything at all.
I’ll take her downstairs…and show her exactly who is in control here.
I’ll show her what it’s like to be owned…

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