Power by Cassandra Robbins


Power by Cassandra Robbins, Baddies Edition. Hardcover with foil and reversible dustjacket, sprayed edge design, and full color endsheets. Hand signed.

Jett Powers is brilliant, nasty, and forbidden.
He takes what he wants, has no regrets, and makes no excuses.
Not to mention he’s tall, dark, and irresistible.
From our first secret encounter, I’m addicted.
He’s the last man that should be making my stomach flip, and heart pound.
Unfortunately, my mind and body are not in sync.
Because Mr. Powers is not mine.
He can’t be.
He’s my mother’s fiancé.

Note: This edition of Power is in NEW condition but does contain a minor typo on the back cover of the discreet cover. The word “if” instead of “of” in the back cover quote.

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