Typo-Secret Obsession by S. Massery


Note: It was brought to our attention that the special edition of Secret Obsession By S. Massery contains a typo on the Naked Hardcover. “Secretl” instead of “Secret”

We have chosen to reprint all pre-order copies and thus will be liquidating the misprinted original editions. *All sales are final* Copies of Secret Obsession are sold as-is and are not eligable for replacement when corrected copies arrive.


If you previously preordered Secret Obsession, you should see an update via our newsletter in your inbox with further information. Note: The foil color and additional minor changes in addition to the typo are being made on the updated edition.

You can also find our update located in our facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/baddiesbookshop/posts/1288106615183367/

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